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Adrien Piérard pierarda at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu May 9 16:18:22 EDT 2013

Alright, thanks.
I'll investigate that when I have a bit more time.



On 8 May 2013 13:26, Fred Weigel <fred.weigel at zylog.ca> wrote:

> In Keith Flowers Gambit-C for Android, there is a "program.scm" file that
> contains:
> (define (set-page content handler)
> (set! event-handler handler)
> (set-webView-content content)
> (show-webView))
> and that's pretty much what you would do. The same file shows building and
> html string for the content, and adding a function for the handler.
> http://apps.keithflower.org/?page_id=152
> to download the source archive.
> I believe Android supports html5, so I would play with the <canvas> tag and
> a bit of javascript (you can just dump the graphic you want into the
> webView
> content to try). Interaction will be limited so a drawing program may not
> be.. um.. a good thing to do, but basic stuff like editing the scripts, and
> pushing buttons is done is program.scm, and can be "borrowed".
> Anyway, you don't "post", you generate "events" using javascript embedded
> in
> the content.
> If your application started an "integrated" web server, you could "post" to
> that web server. But, I think the content/handler approach brings
> everything
> together nicely, and is preferable.
> FredW
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