[gambit-list] Apps with GUI running on android

Fred Weigel fred.weigel at zylog.ca
Wed May 8 16:26:50 EDT 2013

In Keith Flowers Gambit-C for Android, there is a "program.scm" file that

(define (set-page content handler)
(set! event-handler handler)
(set-webView-content content)

and that's pretty much what you would do. The same file shows building and
html string for the content, and adding a function for the handler.


to download the source archive.

I believe Android supports html5, so I would play with the <canvas> tag and
a bit of javascript (you can just dump the graphic you want into the webView
content to try). Interaction will be limited so a drawing program may not
be.. um.. a good thing to do, but basic stuff like editing the scripts, and
pushing buttons is done is program.scm, and can be "borrowed".

Anyway, you don't "post", you generate "events" using javascript embedded in
the content.

If your application started an "integrated" web server, you could "post" to
that web server. But, I think the content/handler approach brings everything
together nicely, and is preferable.


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