[gambit-list] Apps with GUI running on android

Fred Weigel fred.weigel at zylog.ca
Fri May 10 17:15:31 EDT 2013

A couple of warnings, now that I am playing around with Flowers Android Gambit-C

1 - The (splash) procedure must be called before editing of scripts on the
device can be done.
2 - The first script is always executed. Normally, this calls (splash).
3 - If you add a script, make THAT call splash, and any other startup code
before that.
4 - Edit the original "splash" script.

So, the script editing is a bit weird. The editing box is 9 lines by half
the screen on my phone. Maybe the html can be replaced to fix this.

5 - If you mess up the scripts, you should still get DIRECTLY into the REPL.
>From the REPL, use (reset-scripts), then exit, kill Gambit-C and re-enter.
Scripts will be reset to default.

6 - You WILL need to keep separate copies of all your local scripts.

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