[gambit-list] FFI types lib v0.1 out.

Estevo euccastro at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 18:58:21 EST 2013

Find it at


See the README there for what's offered and usage instructions.  If
anything is unclear please ask.

I'll add it to the dumping grounds as soon as I get a wiki account (the
captcha in the page that creates one is currently broken.)

I could think of more functionality to add (e.g. pointers to primitive
values, or array support).  They shouldn't be hard to implement, but I'll
do so only if and when someone asks for them.  The same applies to any
changes in the interface.

For this version I have come back full circle to the approach that uses
wills.  So the caveat mentioned in other threads applies: *don't take weak
references (wills or weak keys or values of tables) of foreign objects*.
Or, to be more precise, don't try and access foreign objects obtained from
this library that have ever been weakly reachable, unless you know what
you're doing.  But the stronger restriction is easier to follow.  If this
is a problem for you please let me know.  And if it's not and you're
totally fine with this, please let me know too!  There are other ways to
implement this, and I want to gauge whether there's a need for a different

Happy scheming!
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