[gambit-list] gambit-ffi-types v0.2 released, now without wills.

Estevo euccastro at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 22:11:22 EST 2013

I've finally found a way to manage references between foreign objects
(which actually works for any kind of Scheme memory-allocated object) that
avoids the problems of using wills.  I keep a mapping from _serial numbers_
of dependent objects to references to the objects they depend upon.  On
garbage collection (using the ##add-gc-interrupt-job! hook), I walk this
mapping (currently an assoc list) and remove any entries where the serial
number can no longer be found in ##serial-number-to-object-table.  So you
call it a table with anemic (weaker than weak!) keys.  See


This approach is beautifully simple and, unlike the one involving wills,
seems robust to me.

I also added some usage instructions to the README:


Happy new year!
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