[gambit-list] A simple blackhole test

Mikael mikael.rcv at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 07:17:14 EDT 2011

2011/6/8 Per Eckerdal

> Hehe.. The stuff you have been experiencing is a large reason to why I have
> pretty much given up working on Black Hole, it is so hard to integrate it
> into Gambit in a reasonable way.
> It kindof works for me personally, for instance because I know that the
> warning messages you see are from Gambit and not BH, but there are so many
> small things that don't make sense unless you know the inner workings of BH
> (debugging from the REPL and attempting to access the hygienically renamed
> variables is a mess), and I haven't been able to get around it.

While indeed Black Hole doesn't 'swallow' Gambit and abstract it away
completely, it is a good module system that delivers for practical use.

Re REPL debugging, the only limit I see is that the granularity of the code
row&column numbering is decreased to the level of individual top-level
procedure only.

Accessing the variables in their renamed form is fine also, as you have the
names of all local variables from ,be all the time.

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