[gambit-list] A simple blackhole test

Per Eckerdal per.eckerdal at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 04:08:10 EDT 2011

> Ah! I actually did read that :-) Erm, but when I used it on the command line like gsc, it seemed to work (no errors or warnings), so I assumed it had :-/ Thinking (a bit), I suppose there's not a lot of way it could work because the patch I put in my .gambcini was small and didn't mention anything to change the argument handling. Still, is there some way it could warn or error?
I don't know, I don't know of any way to tap into the batch stuff of Gambit. The proper way (and not too difficult either) to do it would be to create a separate command line app for BH, and not just tap into gsc. That way we could easily add batch compilation as well.
> :-) I should probably take more note of the "Vaporware warning"!
Hehe.. The stuff you have been experiencing is a large reason to why I have pretty much given up working on Black Hole, it is so hard to integrate it into Gambit in a reasonable way.

It kindof works for me personally, for instance because I know that the warning messages you see are from Gambit and not BH, but there are so many small things that don't make sense unless you know the inner workings of BH (debugging from the REPL and attempting to access the hygienically renamed variables is a mess), and I haven't been able to get around it.
> So, when I compile from in the bsc repl, I get the error about the unwritable module because of where I've installed black hole. I'll see if I can fix that…
If you get an error message about "~~lib/modules", and you have chosen to install BH somewhere else, it means that it is somehow misconfigured, and I would start at that end. Check if you've changed .gambcini to point to where BH is located and so on. "~~lib/modules" must be somewhere.



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