[gambit-list] A simple blackhole test

Benjohn Barnes benjohn at fysh.org
Tue Jun 7 10:50:32 EDT 2011

Hi Per,

Thank you – I'm going to copy this to the list because I think it might be useful for people in future who might be reading the archive.

On 7 Jun 2011, at 16:44, Per Eckerdal wrote:

> Hi Benjohn,
> Black hole doesn't compile modules using the command line, like Gambit does. There is info about this (which is hopefully up to date) in the README at https://github.com/pereckerdal/blackhole.

Ah! I actually did read that :-) Erm, but when I used it on the command line like gsc, it seemed to work (no errors or warnings), so I assumed it had :-/ Thinking (a bit), I suppose there's not a lot of way it could work because the patch I put in my .gambcini was small and didn't mention anything to change the argument handling. Still, is there some way it could warn or error?

:-) I should probably take more note of the "Vaporware warning"!

So, when I compile from in the bsc repl, I get the error about the unwritable module because of where I've installed black hole. I'll see if I can fix that…


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