[gambit-list] Threading and TCP-SERVICE-REGISTER! (or, how to

Christian Jaeger chrjae at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 19:40:31 EST 2009

> .. It still doesn't seem to work. ..
> ..                      (thread-thread-group (current-thread)))

Well, I'm not sure which thread(s) you want to see; what I was
implicitely suggesting is create a *new* group and then give that to
|tcp-service-register!|. See the following; although it doesn't make
any difference, you only don't need to filter out other threads
anymore; I do see threads created by the tcp service when connections
are coming in; but there does not seem to be any tcp service "master
thread"; dunno why, maybe the implementation works without using a
thread. If your problem is that you don't see any master thread, then
why would you want it? I'd expect it never exits (except when running
tcp-service-unregister!), so why would you want to join it?

 > (tcp-service-register! 10000 (lambda args (pp args)(thread-sleep!
10)) (thread-thread-group (current-thread)))
 > (vector->list (thread-group->thread-vector (thread-thread-group
 (#<thread #1 primordial>)
 $ telnet localhost 10000
 > ()
 (vector->list (thread-group->thread-vector (thread-thread-group
 (#<thread #1 primordial> #<thread #3 #<input-output-port #4 (tcp-client)>>)

and with the new group:

 > (define g (make-thread-group "my-tgroup"))
 > (vector->list (thread-group->thread-vector g))
 > (tcp-service-register! 10000 (lambda args (pp args)(thread-sleep! 10)) g)
 $ telnet localhost 10000
 > ()
 (vector->list (thread-group->thread-vector g))
 (#<thread #5 #<input-output-port #6 (tcp-client)>>)

> Also, are you receiving duplicates of my emails?  I'm getting 2
> duplicates for some reason each time I send one to the list,

I'm not getting duplicates from you, neither do gname nor the archive
at umontreal show any; you're probably seeing the same as I do in
gmail, your replies don't group into the same threads for some reason
(and I've checked that in-reply-to is there and correct) whereas the
outgoing mail *is* grouping into the original thread, so this looks
like a gmail web interface bug.

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