[gambit-list] Termite, IO and memory leakage

Christian Jaeger christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Tue Nov 25 12:59:06 EST 2008

Christian Jaeger wrote:
> Your best bet (short of someone going to debug it for you) really is 
> running Gambit under gdb and see where it crashes. Just run "gdb gsc" 
> and from there load your program as usual (assuming you're using, or 
> know how to use, |compile-file| and |load| for your programs), or "gdb 
> yourlinkedprogram" or "gdb gsi-script" or whatever. Then "run 
> eventualprogramarguments" then "backtrace" when it crashed.

PS. I once wrote a script named "with-gdb-backtrace-to" which makes 
running apps under gdb trivial, I've now put it up here:



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