[gambit-list] Archives of the #gambit irc channel?

Christian Jaeger christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Mon Jun 30 12:16:23 EDT 2008

Adrien Pierard wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 09:58:40PM -0400, Bradley Lucier wrote :
>> I'm not really an IRC person (maybe I'm too old, maybe it's my day  
>> job), but I was wondering if there are logs of the #gambit IRC  
>> channel like the
>> http://tunes.org/~nef/logs/scheme/08.06.27
>> logs for the #scheme IRC channel.
>> Brad
> Hum, not that I know of. It would take a bot to log everything...
> Probably in a near future then. That would be a nice quick project to
> write one in Scheme (there are already many though, especially on
> #scheme), and could do a nice MSLUG talk, as well as a gambit-pkg for
> the dumping grounds (or a snow package depending on the writer's mood).
> P!

Marc asked me about 3 months ago whether I could take care of logging, 
which I agreed to do, but then couldn't successfully create an account 
nor contact anyone of ircbrowse.com (and a perl based bot I looked at 
didn't seem attractive); since we're also geeks we then pondered writing 
a bot (although I did warn back then that I wasn't sure where to take 
time from), which Marc actually started doing, he then gave me his 
simple code which does log basic messages, but doesn't do PING/PONG 
handling yet (meaning it stops getting messages after some time) and 
isn't really extensible as is. I made chjmodules out of that code, wrote 
a simple tcp proxy to see what's going on on the protocol level (when 
one connects with a full-blown client like xchat), and started writing a 
little more general protocol parser, but that's where it then got stuck 
until now. Updating chjmodule got even higher priority in the mean time, 
and I planned continuing the bot when that's done, but I'll happily let 
anyone else take that over (even if that means I spent time reading the 
IRC protocol for no benefit).

Running our own logger certainly has some benefit even aside from the 
show-off factor compared with using a premade solution (or hosted by 
some entity outside the Gambit community), since it allows doing things 
as we like. For one, I've wondered whether we (or some members of our 
community) would like to have the ability to exclude parts of 
discussions, or their nickname anonymized. OTOH, if no other open 
project is doing that, that may give a strange impression, so joining 
some other non-logged channel for such discussions may be a better idea. 
Of course a bot in Gambit would also allow to do things like make Gambit 
evaluate code typed into IRC (I think I know how to make that safe). Or: 
using Termite or Mobit for a distributed (and thus more failsafe) bot 
anyone? :)

I'm running a server which can host (an instance of) the logger/bot.

So, I'll do the chjmodule release really really soon now, it's "modules" 
repository will also include Marc's code and my above-mentioned 
modifications; if you would like to get that code sooner, ask me.

Also, I should note that I've got logs of the channel from the last 
about three months (the "bigbrother" user is an irssi instance which 
recorded that for me in text form), but as this has never been 
announced, I won't publish this as is, but only when being asked for 
which passages to make public and only if all participants of those 
passages agree to making them so.


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