[gambit-list] Archives of the #gambit irc channel?

Adrien Pierard pierarda at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Jun 30 14:42:34 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 06:16:23PM +0200, Christian Jaeger wrote :
> simple code which does log basic messages, but doesn't do PING/PONG 
> handling yet (meaning it stops getting messages after some time) and 
> isn't really extensible as is.

Well, PING/PONG and others and messages like any others. Just not
printed out by clients actually. There's nothing concurrent here, so
that's just a dispatch for processing lines read.

> a simple tcp proxy to see what's going on on the protocol level (when 
> one connects with a full-blown client like xchat), and started writing a 
> little more general protocol parser,

Telnet is all you need actually. IRC is very simple, I had written a
Perl bot from scratch in approx. 20 to 50 LoC when I was in high school.

> community) would like to have the ability to exclude parts of 
> discussions, or their nickname anonymized. OTOH, if no other open 

Some bots I'm used to have don't log (or don't show) messages that begin with
I believe we'd prefer (nolog foo ...) for aesthetics reasons :)

> evaluate code typed into IRC (I think I know how to make that safe). Or: 
> using Termite or Mobit for a distributed (and thus more failsafe) bot 
> anyone? :)

Too much hassle for nothing. Simple threaded evaluator with a length
limiting output procedure and restricted IOs should be more than enough.

> I'm running a server which can host (an instance of) the logger/bot.

The university too (if it's legal. I'd have to check that out).


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