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Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Feb 4 09:44:44 EST 2007

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On 31-Jan-07, at 11:45 AM, Levi Pearson wrote:

> Looking through the archives, I found a couple of references to
> efforts various people made to port SRFIs and other libraries to
> Gambit.  I found Guillaume Germain's initial release of SRFIs, but
> there never seemed to be any followup releases.  SLIB apparently
> worked with Gambit 3.0, but does anyone know if it works with recent
> versions?

You have to disable the "require" form and recompile Gambit... you  
should comment the following lines in lib/_nonstd.scm, and do "make":

(define-runtime-macro (require . rest)
   `(##require , at rest))

> Also, what is the Scheme Now! project and how will it be related to
> Gambit?  I waited with much anticipation throughout December, but
> alas, I was disappointed.

The Scheme Now! project is not yet ready to be released publicly.   
Here's a summary of what it is about.


Scheme Now!, also know as Snow, is a portable framework for  
developing and distributing portable Scheme packages. Snow comes with  
a set of core packages that provide portable APIs for practical  
programming features such as networking, cryptography, data  
compression, file system access, etc. Snow packages can provide  
procedural as well as syntactic extensions.

Contrarily to other approaches, such as Eggs and PLaneT, Snow is not  
dedicated to a single Scheme system. While Snow depends on the  
features of the host Scheme system, the APIs Snow provides are  
intended to be portable to most R4RS systems. Snow is compatible with  
many Scheme systems, currently including Bigloo, Chez, Chicken,  
Gambit, Gauche, Guile, MzScheme, Scheme48, SCM, Scsh, and STklos.  
Work is underway to support other Scheme systems.

Snow's package distribution and installation procedures are simple  
and secure, because digital signatures are used to sign and verify  
the files in the packages.

Here are the main components of the Snow framework:

  - Snow packages are distributed in compressed tar files known as  
  - A snowfort is a package repository which stores snowballs. A  
snowfort can be accessed with a web browser or with the package  
management tool snowman.

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