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Dr Nicholas Walton nwalton at mac.com
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Here's a reply I received previously from Marc

> Hi,
> Could anyone confirm the status of SLIB with Gambit 4? Are there work 
> arounds for any known problems?
> Many Thanks

It depends on your version.  In some of the recent betas the Gambit 
runtime contained a definition of a "require" macro.  This prevented 
SLIB to define "require" for its own use.  If that's the problem, after 
a successful "make", you should comment the following lines in 
lib/_nonstd.scm, and do "make":

(define-runtime-macro (require . rest)
   `(##require , at rest))

That should fix the problem.  If not let me know what issue you are 


On 31 Jan 2007, at 16:45, Levi Pearson wrote:

> Looking through the archives, I found a couple of references to
> efforts various people made to port SRFIs and other libraries to
> Gambit.  I found Guillaume Germain's initial release of SRFIs, but
> there never seemed to be any followup releases.  SLIB apparently
> worked with Gambit 3.0, but does anyone know if it works with recent
> versions?
> Also, what is the Scheme Now! project and how will it be related to
> Gambit?  I waited with much anticipation throughout December, but
> alas, I was disappointed.
>                 --Levi
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