[gambit-list] large files

mb magenbluten at gmx.net
Sat Feb 3 14:40:28 EST 2007


i coded a simple and stupid directory walker; however it stopped when
scanning a file with a size > 4GB. After fiddling around a little i
noticed that stat() fails an my system with files > 2GB unless one
explicitly asks to use 64bit file offsets. So i had to add
this define 

#define __USE_FILE_OFFSET64

to the os.h header and recompile gambit. This enforces that a call to
stat is a call to stat64 under the hood. Also, this has some
implications to the size of the struct 'stat' and various other os
dependent file operations.

I'm wondering if a check against the usage of 64bit file offsets etc
should be added to the ./configure system? Did i something wrong
while configuring gambit, or this issue already known?


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