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On Sun, Mar 8, 2020 at 11:17 AM Adam <adam.mlmb at gmail.com> wrote:

For completeness can you please provide some reference URL to the latter
> two or/and describe very briefly?

For fluid variables, see the withdrawn SRFI 15, <
https://srfi.schemers.org/srfi-15/srfi-15.html>.  Dynamic variables are an
equivalent Common Lisp concept.  Fluid and dynamic variables behave like
global variables that have been bound permanently to a parameter, so they
are accessible from everywhere and can be parameterized anywhere.  In
Common Lisp, all top-level variables (but not constants or functions) are
dynamic, and conventionally are written with an asterisk as a prefix and
suffix.  In addition, when a variable in a Common LIsp lambda-list (or
equivalent) is dynamic, it will be parameterized rather than lexically
bound when the procedure is called.

All the examples I have found (except Marc's, thank you Marc) involve using
parameters in exactly this way, which I why I am especially interested in
other use cases.

There is a problem with parameters: if a procedure implicitly depends on a
parameter, and you want to use the procedure in a "localized" way, then
binding the parameter around the whole or a substantial part of a program
is convenient.  But to use such a procedure in a "universal" way
independent of its context, it is necessary to wrap *every* call in a
parameterize expression.

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