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On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 11:56 PM Bradley Lucier <lucier at math.purdue.edu>

“filter” is not part of the R4RS or R5RS scheme standards, which Gambit
> implements.  It appears that Marc is rapidly adding routines to Gambit to
> make it R7RS compliant, but I don’t see a “filter” routine in R7RS-small.
> “Filter” is implemented in SRFI-1, and there is port of SRFI-1 to Gambit
> in the “Dumping Grounds”:

Right.  The only SRFI-1 procedures added to R7RS-small are `make-list` and
`list-copy`, based on the corresponding vector and string procedures.  In
addition, some others were slightly changed for SRFI 1 compatibility:  e.g.
R7RS-small `map` is specified to stop when one of the list arguments is
exhausted, whereas in R5RS it was an error to provide lists of different

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