[gambit-list] Size of the universal libraries (eg. lib/_gambit.php)

Ben mailist.ben at srctxt.com
Thu Jun 8 10:52:07 EDT 2017

After a long pause I try to have another look into Gambits universal
backend. In the end I'd like to write small article on my website about
it, so I made some efforts to understand how it works. Some

1. AFAIK you have to cat 3 files code.php (compiled) code_.php (linked)
and lib/_gambit.php (precompiled) into a standalone script. The step
where you compile to code.php (gsc -:=. -target php code.scm) gives me a
code.o1 file. Is this a bug?

2. The precompiled library (_gambit.php) is 15 Mb of size. So the first
thing I've tried to do is to reduce the size of this file. Therefor I've
built an analyzer tool which should have removed all supposedly dead
code in _gambit.php. The problem is: there are no function calls neither
from code.php nor from code_.php into _gambit.php. So I wonder is
_gambit.php actually a virtual machine, where functions are called
dynamically with the help of a big global symbol table?

I'm a bit in the dark here...
Thanks for some clarifications.
Regards Ben

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