[gambit-list] Gerbil v0.11 -- MySQL, LevelDB, and more

Dimitris Vyzovitis vyzo at hackzen.org
Mon Jun 5 04:55:39 EDT 2017

A busy new release of Gerbil, which rounds up the :std/db package with
for MySQL and LevelDB, adds a command line argument parsing library,
and a host of other improvements small and big.

There is also new documentation:
- The `:std/db` package has been documented in the Guide:
- A new tutorial illustrates the very basics of distributed prgramming in
Gerbil and LMDB:

As usual, for sources and downloads:

For questions and support, come say hi on #gerbil-scheme in irc.freenode.net

Detailed Changes for v0.11:
- stdlib:
  - std/db
    - std/db/mysql: MySQL dbi interface with FFI driver [new]
    - std/db/leveldb: LevelDB interface with FFI driver [new]
    - std/db/conpool: connection pools for SQL databases [new]
    - std/db/dbi: reset statements after exec and query evaluation
    - std/db/sqlite: Fix SMP-safety on FFI (removes ffi_last_error)
  - std/getopt: command line argument parsing library [new]
  - std/misc/ports: port utilites (copy-port) [new]
  - std/sugar: while and until macros
  - std/iter: add iter-fini! to iteration protocol for stateful iterator
  - std/make:
    - track preludes in make-depgraph
    - use build-specs for depgraph generation with make-depgraph/spec
    - check library dependencies on build decisions
  - std/actor: final structs for messages
- r7rs:
  - scheme/base: [gambiteer] implement exact-integer-sqrt
- prelude:
  - gerbil/core
    - add u8vector primitives to <host-runtime>
    - eval is there
    - syntax/loc macro from Racket
  - gerbil/gambit:
    - gerbil/gambit/bytes: refactored synonyms for u8vector ops [new]
- expander:
  - bind core features at root context, including system-type features
  - strict refernces for positive phis
- compiler:
  - update exe stubs to hook display-exception
- runtime:
  - clean up confusing direct-* MOP functions
- doc:
  - guide.md#databases: document the :std/db package [new]
  - tutorial/kvstore.md: a key-value store server tutorial [new]

Happy Hacking!

-- vyzo
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