[gambit-list] gsc gets a linker error with -exe

Peter Dean p.dean at internode.on.net
Thu Sep 26 04:36:02 EDT 2013

On 26/09/13 10:58, Dan Wilckens wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a scheme program I'm trying to compile with Gambit-C in
> MinGW/MSYS under Windows.  If I do
> gsc -exe "filename"
> the c file is output and gcc compiles fine-until it gets an error in the
> linker stage:( after successfully compiling DansScheme1.o and
> DansScheme1_.o and attempting to link them)
> C:\...lib/libgambc.a(os_base.o):os_base.c:(.text+0x737):undefined
> reference to 'gai_strerrorA'
> If I just compile with gsc -c "filename" it puts out a .c file no
> problem.  What should I be looking for?  If you need more details let me
> know.  This is version 4.7.0 using Windows Vista with the prebuilt
> binaries.  Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks,
> Dan
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I was getting this error.  I would recommend building gambit from 
source, that worked for me.  You will still need to manually link some 
libraries but the gai_strerrorA problem goes away.

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