[gambit-list] Consistent, small program segmentation fault between 4.6.7 and 4.5.8

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Fri Jun 7 12:31:35 EDT 2013

On Jun 7, 2013, at 8:50 AM, Bradley Lucier <lucier at math.purdue.edu> wrote:

> On 06/07/2013 11:29 AM, Marc Feeley wrote:
>> So I have pushed a commit which reverts this back until I can investigate further and see which one of the uses of a signed integer were really required. Marc 
> Marc:
> You didn't really revert it, you replaced one hack with a more complicated hack.
> Perhaps you should really revert it and then come up with a different solution for the problem the first hack was trying to fix.  Some of the SIZE_Ts replaced unsigned longs, so you're losing more information the more hacks you layer on top of each other.
> Brad

No.  Where there used to be a use of "long" there is now ___SIZE_TS and where there used to be a use of "unsigned long" there is now ___SIZE_T.  There is no loss of information.  It is true that it is not an actual "revert" textually, but semantically it is.

I want to commit a change that will allow you and others to keep on working with the latest version of Gambit, and at the same time serve as a reminder of the places I need to double check at a later time.  I think 99% of the uses of ___SIZE_TS can be replaced with ___SIZE_T, but I haven't yet located the 1% where a signed type is used (adn at that point I will rename to ___SSIZE_T, and remove the definition of ___SIZE_TS).

I did verify that chud1.scm now works.  So you should be able to continue with your work.

I would be interested in knowing if this commit fixes the memory management problems other people have encountered lately.


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