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Steve Graham jsgrahamus at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 20 18:50:12 EDT 2013

Thanks, Nathan.

The install goes just fine.  However, when I try the first sample line, I get an error:

(scm* [] (load "core"))
*** ERROR IN "(no source)"@2.2 -- No such file or directory

What advantages do you see using such to develop apps, particularly on the Android platform?


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You're trying out clojure-scheme! I might be able to help you here.

You need Clojure and Leiningen working on your system for the initial bootstrap of clojure-scheme's compiler and standard library. 

Take a look at the latest git revision: https://github.com/takeoutweight/clojure-scheme ; there's now a README that shows the steps to get the sample Clojure repl working. You should have a "scm" directory with the compiled scheme code if things are working correctly.

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