[gambit-list] Difficulty with Gambit

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Feb 14 07:09:03 EST 2013

On 2013-02-14, at 4:35 AM, Herr <misterherr at freenet.de> wrote:

> Am 13.02.2013 15:24, schrieb Eduardo Costa:
>> I don't think that the problem is not finding gsi. After all, the server finds any
> other Scheme, Common Lisp, Forth, etc. but fails to work with gsi. Do you think it
> could be a name crash? However, I tried to compile gambit as a standalone, with
> another name, and it did not work. By the way, I tried the complete path, as you
> suggested, and it didn't work either.
>> From: Herr <misterherr at freenet.de>
>> To: gambit-list at iro.umontreal.ca
>> Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 7:08 AM
>> Subject: Re: [gambit-list] Difficulty with Gambit
>> Am 08.02.2013 04:47, schrieb Eduardo Costa:
>>> One year or so ago, I contacted this list about running Gambit on Linux (I compiled
>>> the programs on Zorin/Ubuntu, and tried to run them on a choice of Linux hosting
>>> services). My programs work perfectly well in about every Scheme compiler, except
>>> Gambit. For instance, they run on Bigloo, Racket, Larceny, Ikarus, Vicare, Chez, to
>>> name a few. The programs also run on  Dorai's Scheme to Common Lisp compiler. I tried
>>> the Scheme to Common Lisp compiler with SBCL, CMUCL, CLISP, ECL, etc. However, they
>>> don't run on Gambit. Although the production code is quite complex (for instance, it
>>> includes Serrano's sqlite clone), I wrote a very simple example in order to show what
>>> the problem is:
>>> #! ./gsi -:d-
>>> (display "Content-type: text/html")
>>> (newline)
> --cut
>>> (newline)
>>> The error is:
>>> Internal Server Error
>>> The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to
>>> complete your request.
>> I think the server does not find gsi. Do it like this, works fine here:
>> #!/usr/bin/env gsi
>> (display "Content-Type: text/html")
> My first reaction: Please reply to the list, or the gmane newsgroup.
> Then I think, this is clearly an installation problem, but from here I can not tell
> which.
> The web server executes CGI programs in a separate process, so there is little
> linkage to web server internals. If you can execute shell scripts in the same cgi-bin
> directory then apache config is okay.
> I get an Internal Server Error with apache when a cgi script is not executable. This
> can be missing x mode bits, interpreter from #!/-line not found, or even architecture
> mismatch 32/64 bit (here the error on the command line is file not found). Turn off
> apparmor and selinux.

Here's something else you can try.  Replace your script with:

#! /bin/sh
echo "Content-type: text/html"
echo "<pre>"
/usr/bin/env gsi -:d- -e '(display "test\n")'
echo $?
echo "</pre>"

This will allow you to see what is the content of the environment variables and if any error messages are reported by gsi.


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