[gambit-list] Difficulty with Gambit

Eduardo Costa edu500ac at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 22:47:14 EST 2013

One year or so ago, I contacted this list about running Gambit on Linux (I
compiled the programs on Zorin/Ubuntu, and tried to run them on a choice of
Linux hosting services). My programs work perfectly well in about every
Scheme compiler, except Gambit. For instance, they run on Bigloo, Racket,
Larceny, Ikarus, Vicare, Chez, to name a few. The programs also run on
 Dorai's Scheme to Common Lisp compiler. I tried the Scheme to Common Lisp
compiler with SBCL, CMUCL, CLISP, ECL, etc. However, they don't run on
Gambit. Although the production code is quite complex (for instance, it
includes Serrano's sqlite clone), I wrote a very simple example in order to
show what the problem is:

#! ./gsi -:d-
(display "Content-type: text/html")
(display "<html><body>Teste:")
(display "<h1>Hello</h1>")
(display "</html></body>")

The error is:

Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable
to complete your request.

One year ago, Marc Feeley was kind enough to try to run the above program
in one of the five hosting services I use. It seems that he was not able to
run it either. In any case, I followed each and every suggestion I received
both from the list, and from private contacts. A few suggestions:

1 -- Compile gsi in order to get a completely static exec file. People
proposed many compilation schemes, like LDFLAGS='-static', etc. None worked.

2 -- Compile in a machine with exactly the same libc of the hosting

3 -- Change hosting service. I tried: Hostgator, Mecca Hosting, Go Daddy,
UFU, and many others.

4 -- Use a complete path for gsi.

etc. etc.

I hoped that after one year, and a couple of Gambit versions, somebody had
solved the problem. However, I tested the simple program again, and it
still does not work.

Since the program is working well in Bigloo, and SBCL, I suppose that I
will not switch to Gambit (specially now that SBCL generates tiny stand
alones, all using the same sbcl.core library). However, I am curious about
the reasons for even simple internet Gambit programs not working on popular
hosting services. I will be pleased if somebody who discovered what the
problem is could share his knowledge.
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