[gambit-list] Lack of Libraries/ FFI / Tutorials

Álvaro Castro-Castilla alvaro.castro.castilla at gmail.com
Tue Dec 10 12:05:22 EST 2013

I've been basically doing that with schemespheres.org but I had to dedicate
more time to other stuff. I plan on revisiting it.
You are right, these are outdated, but there are many other projects
(mainly in github) with more recent versions. Gambit certainly favours "the
hacker way". If you enjoy you are at home ;)

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On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 4:48 PM, Tomas Möre <tomas.o.more at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> I would like to start out by saying a thank you to Marc for making Gambit.
> It is an awesome piece of software! Keep up the good work!
> But I would like to point on the lack of standard libraries for things
> such OpenGL, cocoa / the windows equivalent etc. (there are a few in the
> dumping grounds but they are incredibly outdated)
> Starting up using gambit has required a  great deal of self guided
> exploring and trickery. And I can not see any reason why it should not
> exist any kind of simple examples for beginners to look at.
> I do know that there are one to be found on the site however I find it a
> bit too "technical" for some people.
> To the question!
> I had a little idea to ask you guys if any one you are interested in
> making a little development project to update the basic libraries needed.
> Maybe some of you already have such things and I encourage you to upload
> them to the dumping grounds! Sharing is caring! :)
> I will start working on doing these things myself but I must admin I
> neither have enough time and experience to do a good job all by myself.
> If you have an interest send me a mail!
> Best regards, Tomas Möre
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