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Francois Magnan magnan at categoricaldesign.com
Fri Dec 6 09:04:13 EST 2013


The Gambit mobile app is not designed to develop other mobile apps with a GUI. For that you will need to work with the desktop version and interface the GUI elements with gambit FFI (interface between Gambit and C). Once you have such an interface with the native GUI widgets you can develop you app interactively on the device (if you run a remote REPL on the device) or in a simulator and at the end you compile your scheme program to C and package the whole thing.

The LambdaNative project (that Marc pointed to you) provides you with all the stuff you need to develop a multi-platform app (supporting at least Android and iOS). The only caveat is that to be multiplatform they had to develop their own set of widgets (in OpenGL) so the apps don’t use the native widgets. It is a great starting point anyway since it will give you the scripts needed to build and package apps for all platforms. 

I hope this explains you more the options you have.

François Magnan

On 2013-12-05, at 22:33, Fuchs Ira <ihf at bit.net> wrote:

> I've temporarily given up on using Gambit on Android as it seems to fail almost immediately. I have now downloaded the IOS version. Am I correct that there is no way to access any IOS SDK functions? For example, it appears that set-webView-content is not there (as it is in the Android version). I presume this is due to Apple's restrictions on apps. Perhap someone has a version for jailbroken devices? 
> Also when I type (exit) in the REPL on IOS, I get: "To exit, press the sleep button for 5 seconds then the home button for 10 seconds."  What is that all about?
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