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Hugh Aguilar hughaguilar96 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 21:31:56 EDT 2012

I'm getting started in Gambit Scheme. I'm working with Windows right now, although I may upgrade to Linux later on. 

My goals are these:

1.) Use Gambit as an overgrown macro-assembler for compiler-writing.

2.) Use Gambit as an embedded scripting language inside of C programs. I'm also learning Lua, which is similar, but Gambit is a lot more powerful. This is will be for a CAM program that generates gcode for CNC machines.

Right now, as a learning exercise, I'm writing a toy program. This is something I wrote in SuperForth for the Commodore-64 when I was 18. It is turtle graphics in 4 dimensions (axis W, X, Y and Z). A image of the 3D aspect of the 4D object is shown, with the lines receding towards a vanishing point. The perspective can be rotated around any of the 4 axis. My intention is to make the REPL available to the user similar to Logo.

I have a few questions:

1.) Where can I get the 64-bit x86 assembler that Mark Feeley mentioned to me?

2.) What C compiler can be used to compile Gambit? I don't want to spend any money right now, although I may later buy Visual C/C++.

3.) Do you have a wrapper for Cairo or anything else similar? I just need to draw straight lines --- I don't need bezier curves and all of that fancy stuff. This is for the game right now, although later on I will need something like this for the CNC.

Thanks for your help --- Hugh
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