[gambit-list] Gambit REPL statistics

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Jun 16 09:07:27 EDT 2011

Here are some statistics you might find interesting on the purchases of the Gambit REPL app for iPhone/iTouch.  The app has been available on the Apple App Store for almost a month now and there have been 215 purchases.  Apple keeps statistics on the store from which the purchases were made, giving an idea of where the users are located:

  1. USA          110
  2. Japan        26
  3. Germany      17
  4. Canada       16
  5. UK           16
  6. Australia    8
  7. France       3
  8. Netherlands  3
  9. Spain        3
 10. Argentina    2
 11. Israel       2
 12. Italy        2
 13. Russia       2
 14. Austria      1
 15. Korea        1
 16. Norway       1
 17. South Africa 1
 18. Turkey       1

So if you ever wondered where the users of Gambit live, this is probably a good approximation (actually it is an approximation of Gambit users with iPhones/iPads!).  It would seem that most users, about 50%, are in the USA.

If you bought Gambit REPL, thank you!  After Apple has taken a 30% fee, and income tax, I'm left with about $89 CND.  Mind you, I'm not doing this for the money.  It is an experiment to see if it is possible to sell an application developed in Scheme on the App Store.  My next experiment is to add to Gambit REPL a way to share code with other users on a public repository directly from the iPhone/iPad (currently it is possible to download code by telneting to the device, but I'm aiming at something more user friendly).  If you have ideas (or even better, code) please let me know.


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