[gambit-list] The module system

Benjohn Barnes BENJOHN at FYSH.ORG
Wed Jun 1 05:37:31 EDT 2011


I'm reading in "A tour of Scheme in Gambit" about the "X Module System", on page 40:


It mentions two forms: "module" and "use", and describes how a module will be recompiled if the module source is newer than the binary. This sounds great, but in gsi, or when I compile a file with gsc, neither "module" nor "use" are available:

> gambit # gsi
> Gambit v4.6.1
> > module
> *** ERROR IN (console)@1.1 -- Unbound variable: module
> 1> (module a_module)
> *** ERROR IN (console)@2.2 -- Unbound variable: module
> 2> 

Is this something that has been removed, or do I have to turn it on?

Thank you,

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