[gambit-list] slime (swank) and gambit

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 00:05:50 EST 2011

>> https://github.com/jlongster/swank-gambit
>> https://github.com/shortsightedsid/swank-gambit

for the sake of completeness, this is the network of the github repos:


and this one seems to hold the latest commit:


> It seems Scheid's repo is the latest code.  But when I tried it with the latest slime I got an error concerning an unsupported coding system.  I looked at the code and it is due to a change in the protocol, so I fixed it up so that at least it gives a prompt after a M-x slime-connect .  The code is attached to this message.

i couldn't stop yesterday, and used it as a first scheme hacking
session opportunity to fix it myself... looks like i joined
wasting effort on scheme swank. how will i be able to complain about
it now...? :)

my plan is to first coordinate the swank effort, because swank-chicken
seems to be more functional and also kept updated. my plan for now is
to set up a swank-scheme repo that brings these efforts together
(official slime has some r6rs code, swank-gambit, and swank-chicken at
least, maybe others not on my radar yet).

so, my first question: what's the situation with r6rs? my impression
is that the scheme crowd is not too keen on jumping the bandwagon...

is the situation something like this: having a portable swank-scheme
*based* on r6rs is a good thing to pursue on the long term (with
backend specific extensions ala official slime on various CL's), but I
should expect bugs and headaches along the way due to r6rs
immaturities of various scheme VM's?

if the above holds, then i'd go that way and hunt down and/or
workaround the bugs i meet along the way.


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