[gambit-list] Blackhole/Spork and content types

Per Eckerdal per.eckerdal at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 04:57:19 EDT 2009


First of all, just a warning, I have no time to maintain Spork at the  
moment. I struggle to find time fixing bugs in blackhole. The API for  
Spork is definitely still not yet polished. Spork embodies a couple of  
imo really cool concepts which would in theory be fantastic in a real  
web framework, but that's about where it is right now..

To your question: The API for this is not very well developed, but it  
is there. I think that you have to use show to be able to specify  
these options, like this

(add-spork mono-serv ("main.css") (show (lambda (_) main-css) [here  
goes keyword arguments to the show function]))

The doctype: isn't really what you want to do, it is a somewhat hacky  
way to enable the user to specify, when returning SXML, whether it  
should be serialized to XML or HTML and which version. When the show  
thunk returns a string, doctype: is bypassed.

It should be sufficient to just set the mime:.

Also, you might be interested in checking out file.scm in the Spork  
source, it does a related thing. It is used like

  (file-spork "contents" path: "static/"))

To make http://host/static/hello.css serve contents/hello.css.


17 okt 2009 kl. 08.27 skrev Jonathan Arkell:

> Hi List
> When using Spork, I am having some issues working with content  
> types.  I
> am trying to do this:
> (define mono-serv (spork-serve root: "/spork" ))
> (add-spork
> mono-serv
> ("main.css" doctype: "text/css" mime: "text/css" headers:  
> '(("Content-Type" . "text/css") ("foo" . "bar")))
> main-css)
> I always get a content type of "text/html; Charset=UTF-8", and the
> second foo/bar header isn't shown.
> I suspect that it is just a syntax issue on my side, but I am not sure
> what the correct syntax is.
> Thanks!
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