[gambit-list] Blackhole/Spork and content types

Jonathan Arkell jonnay at jonnay.net
Sat Oct 17 02:27:42 EDT 2009

Hi List

When using Spork, I am having some issues working with content types.  I
am trying to do this:

(define mono-serv (spork-serve root: "/spork" ))

 ("main.css" doctype: "text/css" mime: "text/css" headers: '(("Content-Type" . "text/css") ("foo" . "bar")))

I always get a content type of "text/html; Charset=UTF-8", and the
second foo/bar header isn't shown.

I suspect that it is just a syntax issue on my side, but I am not sure
what the correct syntax is.


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