[gambit-list] What's in your gambc.scm file?

Per Eckerdal per.eckerdal at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 09:53:14 EDT 2009

> If I remember correctly, blackhole is "loaded" from a command line "-
> e" argument.  That's not a good integration.  It would be better to
> start it from the ~~lib/gambcext file, which is another customization
> file that is loaded before ~/.gambcini .  Here is the relevant part of
> the documentation:

Thanks for the info.

Yes, at the moment blackhole is loaded using a "-e" command line  
argument. I didn't know any other way of doing it. When I get the time  
I'll try using ~~lib/gamcext. Loading blackhole is not a complex  
process at all, it is simply loaded using the |load| procedure.


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