[gambit-list] What's in your gambc.scm file?

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Oct 1 09:31:11 EDT 2009

On 1-Oct-09, at 8:24 AM, Nicola Archibald wrote:

> While we're on the subject though, I notice that ~/.gambcini.scm  
> gets compiled *before* any command line parameters - thus rendering  
> it 'awkward' for blackhole users, since anything defined in it has  
> to explicitly put in the "~" namespace...

If I remember correctly, blackhole is "loaded" from a command line "- 
e" argument.  That's not a good integration.  It would be better to  
start it from the ~~lib/gambcext file, which is another customization  
file that is loaded before ~/.gambcini .  Here is the relevant part of  
the documentation:

There are two ways to customize the interpreter.  When the interpreter
starts off it tries to execute a @samp{(load "~~lib/gambcext")} (for an
explanation of how file names are interpreted see @ref{Host  
An error is not signaled when the file does not exist.  Interpreter
extensions and patches that are meant to apply to all users and all
modes should go in that file.


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