[gambit-list] Bad version 3.0

Frank Gizinski fgizinski at att.net
Wed May 20 18:25:50 EDT 2009

To Whom it may concern,

I mentioned this in an earlier message but I got no answer.  I was trying to avoid having my downloads of the newest Versions of Gambit-C held up by Microsoft's security so I downloaded Version 3.0 which worked on my old Macintosh.  

I downloaded the Microsoft Virtual C++ version from your site and when I got it I started using it.  In the first line I typed an opening and closing parenthesis.  Instead of those I got an opening and closing angle bracket *<* and *>* . Unless Scheme has recently changed from using parenthesis to angle brackets something seems wrong.

Couldn't someone at Montreal check to see what has happened at their site?  I doubt that I've got a virus that only effects Gambit-C.  I downloaded DrScheme and that works all right.

I only checked the parenthesis and the angle brackets, I don't know what else could be wrong with Version 3.0 on your site.

Frank Gizinski

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