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How can I catch my exception and debug it too? teehee (sorry for bad play on

On Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 12:30 AM, lowly coder
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> Here's my problem:
>   I am running a multi threaded application on gsi.
>   Thread X executes thunk THUNK.
>   if THUNK throws an exception, I want to be able to use the repl to jump
> into thread X and see what is wrong (and have the whole interactive repl
> debugger at my finger tips).
>   However, I also want to profile THUNK. Thus, before THUNK starts, I want
> to run (profile-start!) and when THUNK finishes (or if an exception is
> thrown), I want it to call (profile-stop!)
>   Here now is the problem ... if I don't catch the exception (and allow
> myself to debug it at the GSI), my profiler will colelct data of me sitting
> at the REPl debugging.
>   On the toher hand, if I catch the exception to call (profile-stop!), I no
> longer know how I can debug the exception at the REPL. How do I get around
> this?
> Thanks!
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