[gambit-list] CfP: Scheme Workshop 2009

John Clements clements at brinckerhoff.org
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           Cambridge, Massachusetts
               August 22, 2009

               CALL FOR PAPERS



The Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop
showcases research and experience related to Scheme,
and more broadly to all aspects of functional

Areas of interest include:

* Language Design, Type Systems, Theory
* Program Development Environments, Education
* Agile Methodologies, Lightweight Software Engineering
* Applications, Implementation, and Experience
* SRFIs!

In addition to technical papers on matters of
programming-language research, we encourage submissions
that present experience or innovation with a particular
project. The key criterion for any paper--technical or
not--is that it makes a contribution from which other
practitioners can benefit.

** Dates: **

Dates are firm, and will not be extended.  Please plan

Submission Deadline: June 5, 2009 (FIRM)
Author Notification: June 26, 2009
Final Papers Due: July 24, 2009
Workshop: August 22, 2009

** Program Committee: **

John Clements, Cal Poly State University (organizer & chair)
Dominique Boucher, Nu Echo
Abdulaziz Ghuloum, Indiana University
David Herman, Northeastern University
Shriram Krishnamurthi, Brown University
Matthew Might, University of Utah
David Van Horn, Northeastern University

** Publication Policy: **

Submitted papers must have content that has not
previously been published in other conferences or
refereed venues, and simultaneous submission to other
conferences or refereed venues is unacceptable.

Publication of a paper at this workshop is not intended
to replace conference or journal publication, and does
not preclude re-publication of a more complete or
finished version of the paper at some later conference
or in a journal.

** Submission Instructions: **

Your submissions should be no longer than 12 pages,
including bibliography and appendices. Papers may be
shorter than this limit, and the Program Committee
encourages authors to submit shorter papers where

The conference web page (URL above) contains detailed
formatting instructions and LaTeX support files.

Submit your papers using the Continue 2.0 submission
server, at the URL:


We look forward to reading your papers!

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