[gambit-list] Problem in thread-sleep! may be a poor implementation of the select system call

vasil vasil.s.d at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 14:39:22 EST 2009

Interpreted code shows average n about 9064 (peak value was 9193),
compiled code - 9210 (peak value was 9226).

Code was compiled with "(declare (not safe))" to get more speed.

Without this declaration difference between interpreted and compiled
code is much less, ~9064 and ~9143 in average, accordingly.


> On 28-Jan-09, at 2:03 PM, vasil wrote:
>> After update scheme code displays n from 9040 to 9192.
> Great!  The discrepancy with the ideal result of 10000 is due to the
> interpretation overhead for the code executed between successive calls
> to thread-sleep! (you will probably get slightly higher numbers if you
> compile the code).  So the resolution is much improved.
> Marc

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