[gambit-list] Small patch requested

William Cook wcook at cs.utexas.edu
Mon Sep 22 20:56:22 EDT 2008

I'm about ready to release an alpha version of my Eclipse-based Gambit IDE. TO get 
this working I had to make a small change to Gambit to enable another hook. If there 
is a better way to do this, using the existing binaries, I'd love to know it. Here's 
the patch to lib/_repl.scm:

< (define-prim (##repl-within cont write-reason)
 > (define-prim (##repl-within-default cont write-reason)
 > (set! ##repl-within ##repl-within-default)

I'm asking about this because I started building a version of GSI with this feature 
on mulitple platforms, and its proving to be a challenge. If I could get a standard 
build with this feature it would be great.

It allows me to hook into ##repl-within any time an error or break happens

So far the IDE has:
   - stack trace and source location
   - inspection of lists, tables, and *closure*
   - stepping (sort of)
*syntax coloring
*indenting and formatting
*Other things like autocompletion, source outline are not done
*I don't think I can do true breakpoints without more support, but I might be able to 
do some function-breaks.

William Cook

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