[gambit-list] gambit + llvm

Christian Jaeger christian at pflanze.mine.nu
Mon Sep 22 14:07:18 EDT 2008

Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva wrote:
>      The code generator of LLVM is deployed as a library. It's a very
> different thing to deploy a library (linked statically or as shared
> objecyts) and deploying a complete development environment.

In which way is it different? In every Linux system it would just be a 
dependency on a package, the rest is solved. In Windows or OS X it would 
probably a question of statically linking the libraries or bundling the 
libraries or binaries with your package. Why is bunding a binary more of 
a problem than bundling a library? (And you might have other binaries 
you'd want to bundle with your package anyway!)

It's a question of balance. Developing an llvm backend just because 
there is no nice script bundling up all your dependencies into one 
deployable blob would be energy invested in the wrong place.

>      Most Java/Python/Ruby/Lua etc. audience do not create their own FFI
> modules.

But someone has to build those for them. Which is what I've been saying: 
you're looking at an audience, which installs precompiled modules for 
those bindings, *but* still want to develop Scheme code and want it to 
be compiled (i.e. not interpreted code). This is an audience that has 
access to precompiled modules (as binary packages, as in a Linux 
system). Are there any precompiled modules for Gambit in any Linux 
distro? Do you want to change that?


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