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Marijn Schouten (hkBst) hkBst at gentoo.org
Sun Nov 30 10:53:47 EST 2008

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Marc Feeley wrote:
> On 30-Nov-08, at 7:39 AM, Marijn Schouten (hkBst) wrote:
>> Hi Marc,
>> if so, then the first compilation is redundant.
> It is redundant unless your system needs it!  Probably redundant on most
> systems, but it is a quick operations (a few seconds to relink).
>> Delaying linking until after
>> install is incompatible with installing into a temporary staging area aka
>> DESTDIR. Are you certain it is really that bad? What platform are we
>> talking about that needs this?
> I forget.  But it was not a single system.  Wild guess: AIX and SUNOS.
>> If you want portability shouldn't you be using libtool
>> instead of rolling your own?
> The makefiles predate libtool.  Moreover libtool does not exist on all
> platforms (so using it would not be portable).  I guess its existence
> could be tested by the configure script.  How is libtool typically used
> for software installation?
> Marc

Hi Marc,

I guess you need to decide whether DESTDIR support is more valuable, than having
to have wrapper scripts that set LD_LIBRARY_PATH on some obscure platforms. Of
course this does not mean you HAVE to use libtool.

Libtool claims to support some AIX and sunos targets. It supports a lot of
platforms, probably more than gambit does.

I don't claim to be an expert on libtool; I only started reading its info pages
yesterday. They are very good. Basically you put "libtool --mode=compile" before
the compiler command to create objects and it will create the subset of static
and shared objects that is supported by the target, or you can specify what sort
of objects you want. No other commands, such as ranlib, need to be run.
Similarly there is "libtool --mode=link" for linking, "libtool --mode=execute"
for execution before installation and "libtool --mode=install" for installation.
Further they detail how libtool integrates with autotools.

Anyway, I think I have DESTDIR support mostly done; I just need to do the
linking once and set the correct rpath. Though without libtool my modifications
will likely only work correctly on GNU-compatible systems.


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