[gambit-list] JavaScriptScheme: too much recursion

James Long james.long at coptix.com
Fri May 30 15:51:28 EDT 2008

Hey Marc (or anyone who has used Jss from the Dumping Grounds on the  

I grabbed your scheme-to-javascript compiler off the dumping grounds,  
and it works great in Safari.  In Firefox 2 & 3 however, the  
javascript engine throws the error "too much recursion."  I will be  
looking through the code myself, but do you think there's a fix?  If  
it's a real stack overflow error (not from an infinite loop), you  
could do some optimizing before spitting out the Javascript.  This  
might get too involved, and the compiler might not have all the  
information to make guesses at inlining, etc.  I haven't studied CPS- 
transforming compilers enough yet.

- James

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