[gambit-list] Patching gambit to fix out of source build

Nathan Thern nthern at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 17:59:49 EDT 2008

OK, here's my first go at it. In the source directory I applied the
sed script as follows:

$ find -name makefile.in | xargs sed --in-place -f ../fix_gambc.sed

The rest of the changes were all hand edits and are encapsulated in

gambc-v4.2.8.patch applies all the changes in one smash.

The patches work for the 4.2.8 source release and the latest repo
tree. I haven't had time to test compiling the patched source on
anything other than cygwin yet. This is my first time submitting
changes to a project source code - let me know if I've done something
stupid, or committed a faux pas.


On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 7:01 AM, Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
> Yes, I will accept patches.  The makefiles definitely need some refactoring
> and proper support for DESTDIR.  But please keep it clean.  To preserve a
> consistent layout of the makefiles (actually the set of makefile.in) in the
> past I have used sed scripts to modify all the makefiles together.
>  Obviously some file specific modifications will be needed also.
> Moreover, some people on this list (maintainers for different packagings of
> Scheme) may be interested in contributing and I urge you to work together on
> this so that everyone is happy.  We could temporarily work in a new branch
> (forked off of 4.2.8) and when the makefiles are satisfactory, we will apply
> the patches to the main branch.
> Marc
> On 24-Jun-08, at 4:58 PM, Nathan Thern wrote:
>> Hello Gambit developers-
>> I have successfully built, packaged and installed gambit on cygwin.
>> The build system I used - cygport - defaults to an out-of-source
>> build, which is supported by gambit's configure (or so it claims). It
>> very quickly became apparent that out-of-source builds are broken, but
>> I stubbornly patched the makefiles until it worked. What I've got now
>> is a bit kludged, but should be fairly simple to maintain as long as
>> the future gambit build system doesn't change drastically.
>> However, having come this far...
>> I would be willing to further my work on patching configure.ac and the
>> makefile.in's so gambit supports out-of-source builds and DESTDIR
>> style installs. I can test on cygwin, RHEL, debian and solaris. I
>> figure I'm about 1/3rd of the way there and I don't want to chew up
>> any more of my time unless you are interested in accepting patches.
>> Are you?
>> regards,
>> Nate T
>> BTW, I haven't installed mercurial yet, so I haven't looked at the
>> source repository, only the v4.2.8 release source.
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