[gambit-list] Patching gambit to fix out of source build

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Wed Jun 25 08:01:36 EDT 2008

Yes, I will accept patches.  The makefiles definitely need some  
refactoring and proper support for DESTDIR.  But please keep it  
clean.  To preserve a consistent layout of the makefiles (actually the  
set of makefile.in) in the past I have used sed scripts to modify all  
the makefiles together.  Obviously some file specific modifications  
will be needed also.

Moreover, some people on this list (maintainers for different  
packagings of Scheme) may be interested in contributing and I urge you  
to work together on this so that everyone is happy.  We could  
temporarily work in a new branch (forked off of 4.2.8) and when the  
makefiles are satisfactory, we will apply the patches to the main  


On 24-Jun-08, at 4:58 PM, Nathan Thern wrote:

> Hello Gambit developers-
> I have successfully built, packaged and installed gambit on cygwin.
> The build system I used - cygport - defaults to an out-of-source
> build, which is supported by gambit's configure (or so it claims). It
> very quickly became apparent that out-of-source builds are broken, but
> I stubbornly patched the makefiles until it worked. What I've got now
> is a bit kludged, but should be fairly simple to maintain as long as
> the future gambit build system doesn't change drastically.
> However, having come this far...
> I would be willing to further my work on patching configure.ac and the
> makefile.in's so gambit supports out-of-source builds and DESTDIR
> style installs. I can test on cygwin, RHEL, debian and solaris. I
> figure I'm about 1/3rd of the way there and I don't want to chew up
> any more of my time unless you are interested in accepting patches.
> Are you?
> regards,
> Nate T
> BTW, I haven't installed mercurial yet, so I haven't looked at the
> source repository, only the v4.2.8 release source.
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