[gambit-list] Gambit debug in Eclipse

William Cook wcook at cs.utexas.edu
Fri Jun 13 16:49:02 EDT 2008

Here's an update on the gambit debugging in Eclipse.
I'm using DBGp (a debug protocol) and DLTK - the Dynamic
Languages Toolkit for Eclipse.  It uses a TCP connection
to connect to Eclipse, and it should support threads too.
Its a little odd, but each thread has to manage its own
debug connection.

I have a working stack trace showing up in Eclipse.
Now I just need to figure out how best to hook in Gambit
so that whenever REPL is called form an exception, step or
interrupt, that it will call my "dbgp-repl" instead of the
standard one.

I've been using it a little, and it is *wonderful* being
able to just inspect stack frames and inside closures
with a few clicks, rather than having to type stuff over
and over again into the repl. More fancy tracing will also
be possible. I keep reading this stuff about how Scheme
doesn't need a debugger... and I just don't get it. I
think everybody has just gotten used to not having one.
A real debugger is going to be great.

Anyway, I really need some *advice*. I'd like to just hook
into an existing Gambit install, without having to make a
custom build. If this is not possible, I can make a custom

I am not sure if I can just redefine ##repl, that doesn't seem to
work anyway. Any ideas?


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