[gambit-list] call/cc behavior in gambit-c vs. plt-scheme

Cristian Baboi cristi at ot.onrc.ro
Wed Jun 11 08:56:59 EDT 2008

> I'm actually surprised that PLT does not do the same.  Most probably  
> PLT's "load" is modeled on the REPL (i.e. it is a read-eval-print loop  
> which simply takes its input from a file).

I changed the example to:

(module test mzscheme

(define (call/ccc x) (call-with-current-continuation x))

(define coco 1)

   (display "begin") (newline)
   (call/ccc (lambda (c) (set! coco c)))
   (display "again") (newline)
   (display "end") (newline)

(coco 13)

and loaded it with require. This time the result was the same as gambit-c.

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