[gambit-list] call/cc behavior in gambit-c vs. plt-scheme

Cristian Baboi cristi at ot.onrc.ro
Wed Jun 11 08:17:44 EDT 2008

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008 15:06:24 +0300, Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca>  

> How did you enter the code for evaluation?  Did you type it in to PLT's  
> REPL and loaded it from a file in Gambit?

No. I typed it in notepad, then loaded it from the file in both cases.

> The behaviour of Gambit's "load" is to treat the content of the file as  
> a complete sequence of commands/expressions.  It is as though the  
> sequence was wrapped in a "begin" form.  Equivalently, in this case, it  
> is as though the whole code was in the body of a toplevel procedure  
> definition which is called once, as in:

I understand why. I was just surprised by the difference in behavior.

> I'm actually surprised that PLT does not do the same.  Most probably  
> PLT's "load" is modeled on the REPL (i.e. it is a read-eval-print loop  
> which simply takes its input from a file).

The thing is that in PLT, at the top level, (coco 13) will return 13

> I think Gambit's model is cleaner, as it allows to have the same  
> semantics for load whether the file being loaded is source code or  
> compiled code.

I asked because it is not clear to me if there is some standard that  
prescribe how the top level should behave and I was surprised by the  
different results. In both cases I've run the file by calling (load  

Thank you.

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