[gambit-list] Thinking of changing pp

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Jun 2 09:25:11 EDT 2008

On 2-Jun-08, at 3:05 AM, Joel Borggrén-Franck wrote:

> Isn't this future extension? I haven't written that much code in
> gambit, but I use pp a lot, and kind of like it the way it is, so my
> suggestion is to find another name. But if you can't settle for a
> short good one then changing pp won't be the end of the world I guess.
> /Joel

I've thought about it some more and pp's status as a procedure is too  
valuable, so pp will stay as is.  So perhaps "debug" is the best  
name... it's just so long to type!


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