[gambit-list] New procedures: thread-interrupt!, thread-state, top

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Jun 2 01:42:15 EDT 2008

I've just added some features for checking the state of threads and  
interrupting threads.

The "thread-state" procedure returns the state of a thread.  The  
"thread-interrupt!" procedure allows interrupting an active thread:

 > (thread-state (current-thread))
#<thread-state-active #2 waiting-for: #f timeout: #f>
 > (define t (thread-start! (make-thread (lambda () (let loop ((n 0))  
(thread-sleep! .1) (loop (+ n 1)))))))
 > (thread-interrupt! t)
 > 123
------------- REPL is now in #<thread #3> -------------
*** INTERRUPTED IN ##thread-sleep!
 > ,b
0  ##thread-sleep!
1  loop                    (console)@1:68          (thread-sleep! .1)
2  ##thread-start-action!
 > ,1
1  loop                    (console)@1.68          (thread-sleep! .1)
\1> ,e
n = 37
loop = (lambda (n) (thread-sleep! .1) (loop (+ n 1)))

When a second argument is given to thread-interrupt!, it is a thunk  
that will be called in the interrupted thread.

The "top" procedure is similar to the Unix "top" program.  It displays  
the state of the threads in the current thread's thread group and  
refreshes the display every second.  Quite useful for monitoring the  
activity of a multithreaded server!  The REPL can also display the  
list of threads with the ,st command.


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