[gambit-list] good language for real time application?

Vincent vly3 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 8 13:07:19 EST 2007

--- Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:

> Here's a simple test I ran to give a rough idea of
> the GC costs.   
> The average GC pause is 4 milliseconds, and GC time
> represents 2.4%  
> of the total run time ....

Thank you for the sample code.  That's a good way to
get a rough idea.  Thinking further about the
requirements of a global P2P network, I think the
response times for each node have to be measured in
microseconds rather than milliseconds.  In telecom
networks, packets can travel over long distance fiber
links, with fewer nodes to introduce delay.  In a
global P2P network, packets would have to travel
through maybe 100 times more nodes, with shorter
distances between nodes, and each node introducing
delay.  If a packet has to hop through 1000 nodes, the
total delay will be the per node delay times 1000.  If
each node takes 200 microseconds to recieve a packet,
and 200 microseconds to send a packet, that's about
half a second latency right there.

Has anybody on this list ever used BitC or Coyotos?  I
just read about those this morning.  I'm thinking
maybe I should go in that direction.  Here's a page
describing BitC - it looks like a very interesting



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